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Frequently Asked Questions

Why design an engine cover that doesn't add function?

This engine cover was designed to accentuate the engine compartment without negatively affecting the vehicle's warranty.  The velocity stacks add enough height to make part of the engine visible from nearly every angle.

What are the components made of?

The engine cover base is made of a durable, paintable high grade plastic that can withstand the vibration and heat associated with the engine bay. The Velocity Stacks are formed from billet aluminum.

How long does it take to install?

With just 4 bolts and a clip, the installation should take no longer than 5 minutes. Simply remove the 4 bolts, 2 each side of the engine bay, and unclip the fuel line mount near the rear of the car. 

Can this be painted to match my Corvette?

Yes, each engine cover can be painted to match any of the 16 colors currently available or previously available from the factory.

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